Guest House Na Lednicke. Accommodation in apartments. Hlohovec, Moravia, Czech Republic.
Guest House Na Lednicke


Our wine cellar offers an excellent choice of the best local Moravian and high-quality French wines.

In close proximity of our guest house there are dozens of wine-making estates where you can taste and buy locally-made wines. They are easily accessible by car, bike or even on foot.

Please see our list of the top-ranking local producers.

Sedlec - www.sedleckavina.cz  is a stone’s throw from Hlohovec. The picturesque path will take you through a stretch of vineyards. After walking through Hlohovec, at Hranichy Castle, take a narrow paved road on your left.

Turold - www.turold-mikulov.cz  is a small wine producer in the town of Mikulov. It is noted for good value for money and offers a choice of table wines. It also sells home-made draft wine. It is advisable to make an appointment in advance.

Kováč - www.vinarstvi-kovacs.cz is based in a small village of Novosedly outside Mikulov. It features a cozy atmospheric cellar and an open air terrace with a vineyard view. Kováč  offers delicious rose wine. Draft wine is sold at about 50 CK per liter. Open daily.

Víno Marcinčák - marcincak.cz is situated in the same village of Novosedly and offers a choice of premium class and traditional wines along with local specialties such as ice and straw wines.

Tanzberg - www.tanzberg.cz is a reputable producer situated in the village of Bavory u Mikulova. It can be visited as a part of the Palava cycling route and offers expensive wine sorts, sparkling wines and gift sets. Mind that it is closed on Sunday.

Nové Vinařství - www.novevinarstvi.cz in the village of Drhnolec offers modern wines with a difference. Call in advance to make a reservation for a wine-tasting inside the state-of-the-art production facilities. The tasting is free of charge, but you are expected to purchase a couple of bottles. Excellent “Cuvee Fantomme” is famous as ladies’ favourite.

Gotberg - www.gotberg.cz has modern production facilities situated on a high hill with a view of Palava. It is not as famous as its neighbor of the same name. However, it definitely offers perfect value for money. The trip will be particularly enjoyable if a visit to the wine-maker is followed by a delicious dinner at “U Kapličky” restaurant.

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